This web site is intended to be a source of information to members of the MSA and to be of help to visitors who wish to fly radio-controlled slope and thermal soarers in the Malvern area.

Please take a few minutes to read our safety code, particularly the sections concerned with flying on the Malvern Hills. The Hills are open to the public at all times. Please note that "Combat" flying is not permitted on grounds of safety.

Depending upon the direction of the wind, MSA members generally fly from one of two sites, both situated at the Northern end of the Hills.

The Malvern Hills are a first class slope soaring site. It is possible to fly in all wind directions and in a wide range of wind speeds with the exception of winds from about 30 degrees either side of due South [roughly SSE - SSW].

1. For wind directions NNE to SSE, the site just to the East of the top of North Hill is used. This is marked by a small rocky outcrop. This site is particularly good in an easterly breeze although it can be cold during the winter months.

2. For wind directions SSW to NNE, Table Hill is used. This site has a flat (ish) area on which to land safely.

Flying on our Upton-upon-Severn thermal soaring site at Fish Meadow is only available to MSA members. If you want to become a member of the MSA, then please go to the 'join us' page and submit a membership application form.